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Basement Remodeling

Basement waterproofing and finishing, or basement remodeling, can add comfort and value to your home. A basement can be more than just a neglected storage or utility space - Dalworth Restoration can finish it to be a beautiful and functional space of your home adding value and comfort for years to come.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing & Finishing

Prior to planning a basement remodeling project, it is important to repair and waterproof the basement. Otherwise, constant and excessive dampness and humidity lead to unavoidable water damage, wood rot and mold damage.

Finishing the basement is an affordable remodeling option that outweighs the cost of building a new addition with these additional benefits:

  • Adds value to your property by incresing the square footage of your home
  • Costs less than the price of building a new addition
  • Creates an additional functional living space for you and your family to enjoy
  • Maximizes the comfort of your home through a waterproofed and insulated basement system
  • Reduces energy costs

Dalworth Restoration is a reputable restoration, reconstruction and remodeling company in North Texas and has provided basement waterproofing, finishing and remodeling services to many Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington homeowners. We have finidhed countless basements creating for our customers beautiful living spaces that function as home offices, gyms, and media rooms, as well as game rooms, guest bedrooms, extra closet spaces and basement apartments.

Contact us today to find out the endless possibilities of a remodeled, waterproofed and finished basement.

Basement Solutions by Dalworth Restoration

Despite what you might think, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has quite a few houses with basements. However, due to the type of clay and rocky soil Dallas is famous for, basement finishing and waterproofing need to be performed by the knowledgeable basement experts. Dalworth Restoration expert technicians are certified in restoration and basement waterproofing and refinishing, And we are a dealer of Basement Systems products, which offer complete, effective and durable basement waterproofing solutions.

Call Dalworth Restoration at 888-778-9693 for FREE basement waterproofing and basement finishing estimates. Call us today to schedule a time for our knowledgeable and experienced team to visit your property and perform a FREE inspection and provide you with a free estimate for our basement waterproofing, finishing and remodeling services.

Waterproofing the Basement 

Contact Dalworth Restoration to repair and waterproof the basement before you begin any basement remodeling projects. Otherwise, constant and excessive dampness and humidity lead to unavoidable water damage, wood rot and mold. Cracks around windows, doors and walls let moisture into the basement. Also, moisture enters through the porous concrete foundation to destroy both frame and content alike. In fact, a basement finishing contractor who concentrates only on the visual aesthetics of the remodeled space, and foregoes repair and waterproofing as a crucial step, is not the right person for the job. This point cannot be emphasized enough. A thorough preliminary inspection and an estimate by a professional basement finishing company are certainly warranted to protect your investment, both in terms of structure and content.

Basement Remodeling

Basement Preliminary Waterproofing & Repair

Preliminary basement waterproofing follows foundation repair and crack sealing throughout the perimeter of the house, as necessary. Because Dallas soil is not basement-friendly, special waterproofing care must be taken to ensure a dry basement. Potential waterproofing may include a subfloor drain system, or baseboard system, as well as a negative side sealant. Basement waterproofing ensures a healthy livable space, not only in your basement but also throughout the house. Flooding, high humidity and moisture problems are unpleasant issues with long term consequences that homeowners encounter when waterproofing solutions are not implemented properly. A wet basement that is not waterproofed leads to problems throughout the home, such as higher than necessary energy bills, mold, rot, musty odors, and insect and rodent infestations that thrive in moist conditions. These issues may also give rise to environmental allergies in susceptible individuals.

Basement Moisture Control Systems

Basement finishing involves preliminary basement waterproofing efforts. These include various methods for preventing water from infiltrating into the home, such as both interior and exterior sealing, as well as various drainage techniques that are customized to individual basement waterproofing needs. Effective and complete professional basement encapsulation systems are put in place to safeguard Dallas – Fort Worth homes from water damage.

Basement Remodeling

Professional Customer Service

Insulating and waterproofing the frame of any basement is the core of any Dallas - Fort Worth basement finishing activity. Dalworth Restoration is a full-service water restoration company and basement waterproofing and finishing company. Our certified and licensed technicians are professionals, who will inspect your basement to make sure it is ready to be finished. In case basement waterproofing and repair is in order, we will suggest and implement the necessary improvements prior to the design and construction of your basement remodeling project.

Contact Dalworth Restoration for FREE basement waterproofing and basement finishing estimates. Call us today to schedule a time for our knowledgeable and experienced team to visit your property and perform a FREE inspection. We will work with you to build the basement of your dreams.