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Houston Water Damage Restoration Companies That Make a Difference

A few water damage restoration companies focus on mold growing on walls or in soaking wet carpets. However, fire, smoke, soot, and water damaged furniture, toys, clothing, bedding, etc. are often either aired out, superficially dried or written off as unrecoverable. The problem with such practices is twofold. The written off items may actually be salvageable, saving insurance companies thousands of dollars on each fire and water damage restoration job. In addition, the superficially dried personal possessions and household items may still be harboring harmful and dangerous mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses.

Experts Focusing on Real Solutions

Some water damage restoration companies focus on drying the property, preventing further mold or water related structural damage and eliminating smoky and musty odors. However, fire and water damage restoration contents experts concentrate on making sure that the property and its contents are restored to pre-loss condition and are safe and clean to inhabit and use.

Professional Equipment and Proper Training

Simply removing the water and drying out the property will not insure its safety for humans and pets to occupy. There may still be various harmful impurities such as mold spores, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in the water damaged home or building. Fire, smoke, soot and water damage restoration contents professionals have the necessary training and equipment to deal with such hazards.

Cleaning and Disinfection

In fact, water damage restoration companies who handle content restoration, are routinely armed with eco-safe cleaners to kill and eliminate mold and other microbes. They understand the need and importance of eradicating mold from each item of clothing and furniture. All personal treasures and all keepsakes go through the process of cleaning as well. The process is similar in residential, commercial and industrial facilities, where various microorganisms can wreck havoc due to allergic reactions and lost productivity.

Content Restoration

Fire and water damage restoration contractors who are concerned only with restoring the structural integrity of water damaged properties, are completing only half the restoration work. True water damage restoration companies make sure to restore all content inside the water damaged property. Items that can be salvaged and restored to pre-water damage condition include televisions, computers, clothing, sofas, art, toys, books, documents, and many more.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Companies Save Money

Professional water damage restoration companies save millions of dollars annually to homeowners’ insurance companies by properly restoring furniture and personal items that are salvageable and should not be written off. They also ensure the safety of the items they restore and deliver back to peoples’ homes and places of business. Professionally restoring content from water damage restoration emergencies eliminates potential health hazards in terms of allergic reactions and mysterious illnesses people could be exposed to. That alone is worth millions of dollars in health care costs and lost productivity savings on an annual basis.

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