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Fire and Water Damage Restoration in Tom Bean, TX


When a fire or a flood breaks out, it’s easy to see the scale of the damage inflicted on your property. Fires incinerate practically everything in their wake while floods ruin wood, textiles, wiring and appliances. What you may not see is the incremental damage that takes place long after a disaster has passed. Fires leave behind caustic smoke particles that eat away at wood, metals and fabrics. Hidden water pockets, on the other hand, spawns harmful microbes, weakens wood and creates fire hazards when it finds its way to exposed electric lines.


If you’ve had a recent flood or fire in your Tom Bean, Texas property, call Dalworth Restoration right away. We are a full service disaster recovery company that specializes in clearing, cleaning, disinfecting and restoring your place to its pre-disaster state. With a well-trained team, cutting-edge equipment and proven field practices, we are the best that Tom Bean has to offer when it comes to bringing a disaster-stricken home or workplace back to life.


Call us today at 888-778-9693 for an inspection and quote estimate. We’ll be happy to drive to your place and give it a thorough look. If our recommendations make sense to you, we can get started right away and we’ll assist you in filing a successful insurance claim. Our goal is to give you back the peace of mind that you had prior to disaster with as little hassle as possible on your end. When you’re choosing a restoration service provider in Tom Bean and its surrounding areas, look no further than the one with the best track record: Dalworth.