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Florida Hurricane Disaster Recovery

Although hurricane season is at its height between August and October, Florida hurricane disaster recovery is common during other months as well. Storms strike Florida more than any other state in the U.S. In fact, in the past 300 years, there have been well over 400 tropical storms affecting Florida. Damages have been tragic in terms of lives lost and the financial impact has been significant as well. Over the years, thousands of fatalities due to tropical storms have been reported and the cumulative cost of Florida hurricane disaster recovery has been over $100 billion.

What is a hurricane?

A hurricane is a severe tropical storm that begins in the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean Sea and then moves west. In the process, it picks up speed and becomes quite forceful from contact with warm waters. When the storm hits land or cooler waters, its strong winds and heavy rains can cause tremendous mayhem and destroy or damage anything in its path.

Why is Florida vulnerable to hurricanes?

Florida is susceptible to hurricanes because of its geographical location and close proximity to the tropics, where many of the storms originate. In addition, Florida is pretty flat and has a long shoreline, making it vulnerable to the powerful winds and rainstorms that move inland.

Land Erosion

Florida’s long coastline has been exposed to so many hurricanes in the past, that the beach area has been eroded in many places. Beach restoration is costly, but storm damage repair is necessary due to the constant striking of tropical storms.  Each Florida storm cleanup and hurricane disaster recovery is an expense that cannot be averted.


Florida produces a variety of crops, as the land is fertile and quite suited to agriculture. About 75% of US oranges and about 40% of worldwide orange juice is produced in Florida. However, farming production has been adversely affected by hurricanes throughout the years. When hurricanes hit, crop yields suffer to various degrees, depending on the severity of the storms. Some storms have been deadlier than others and some have been quite devastating in terms of overall damage and destruction. However, for a state that depends so much on its farmers, the agricultural impact after hurricanes has been collectively substantial. In fact, the damage to Florida’s economy is only part of the devastation. The national supply and demand equation is influenced as well, as consumers need to pay more for a smaller yield of produce. In fact, the impact of one major storm can have financial consequences for several years to come. For these reasons, Florida Hurricane Disaster Recovery efforts are supportive of rebuilding and restoring that sector of the economy.


Florida is a popular tourist destination with sandy beaches and numerous attractions. The tourism industry contributes sizeable revenues to the Florida economy. However, major hurricanes deleteriously affect tourism, local businesses and state coffers. Following hurricanes, storm damage cleanup and storm damage repair and reconstruction of water damages proceed to rebuild what was lost. The faster Florida hurricane disaster recovery takes place, the faster the tourism industry can bounce back and resume services for visitors.

Storm Damage Repair

The resilience of Florida residents has been tested repeatedly with each disastrous hurricane. People and institutions adapted to destructive hurricanes over the years and storm cleanup and disaster recovery are a natural part of life.  There is an attitude of perseverance and a desire and willingness to rebuild and restore. Storm damage repair naturally follows storm water damage as life goes on.

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