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Documents Restoration Services in Dallas and Fort Worth

Dalworth Restoration thoroughly dries and restores fire, smoke, and water damaged documents, books, and multimedia due to natural disasters and unintentional accidents. Fire, smoke, soot and water and mold are destructive elements that are very damaging to hard copy as well as electronic media documents. These elements must be removed promptly and completely prior to cleanup for best restoration results otherwise, lingering smoke odors and mold will become a recurring problem. Contact us today for a contents estimate of your damaged commercial or residential documents in our Dallas-Fort Worth service area.

Professional Customer Service

Water Damage Documents Restorstion

Dalworth Restoration's call center is standing by to take your call and is ready to dispatch a contents team to your location to sort, pack, transport, clean and restore your contents. 

Prompt Action

Wet books, flooded photographs, and water damaged documents are particularly prone to mold and warping. If the damage involves black water, contamination complicates the restoration process. Therefore, quick action is most important for optimal salvaging results.

The same is true for smoke damaged documents as smoke can leave different types of residue, which needs to be removed promptly to prevent permanent damage. Call us now at 817-203-2944 to start the documents contents restoration process.

Water Damage Documents Restoration

Contents Restoration Services

Our technicians are experts at these contents pack-out, storage and cleaning restoration services:

Contact us today to start the contents restoration process now! We'll work directly with your insurance company to help you file your contents and property insurance claim.

Contents Restoration Methods

Dalworth Restoration uses specialized contents restoration methods such as cryogenic drying and vacuum freeze-drying to restore water damaged contents, including legal documents, books, and coated paper. These methods are very effective and safe for hard copy material, as well as magnetic and digital media and even upholstery and leather furniture. Our processes have saved personal and business data for many clients. 

  • Specialized Cleaning - Pre-treating or removal of dirt and debris before contents restoration techniques are applied.
  • Vacuum Freeze Drying The freeze drying method is used to preserve fragile items from further damage as well as protect them during transport to our climate-controlled contents restoration facility. The process begins with flash freezing so that the frozen water in the documents or books transitions from solid to gas, bypassing the liquid phase. 
  • Cryogenic Drying Cryogenic drying retains some moisture with a short liquid state involved. The benefit is preservation of shape and less warping of books and documents. This method can also be applied to water damaged leather. 

Timely response and quick action are crucial for best results. Contact us now. We'll dispatch a Clean Trust Certified Technician to your location for a estimate and inspection.

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