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A Shreveport, LA Water Damage Restoration Company You Can Trust - Dalworth Restoration

When unexpected flood damage or water damage devastates and destroys Shreveport, Louisiana area properties, families and businesses depend on Dalworth Restoration, the water damage clean up and repair experts. Residents trust Dalworth Resoration to take on any water damage extraction, removal, drying, dehumidification, cleanup and restoration job and do it right. Since there is never a good time for flood emergencies, Dalworth Restoration water damage cleanup and repair experts are ready to provide cleanup and extraction emergency service, day or night. Our teams of certified water damage restoration professionals are on call 24/7 to answer your emergency. Dalworth's flood restoration crews have their emergency water removal and drying gear ready to respond to any flood damage or water extraction service situation. Dalworth Restoration provides knowledgeable solutions for all your water removal emergencies, from house floods to leaky roofs, overflowing washing machines, burst water heaters, water damaged basements and flooded crawl spaces. Our water damage restoration, extraction and flood damage clean up experts are ready to tackle your water removal situations in the most efficient manner.

Call Dallworth at 817-203-2944 for help with your Storm and Flooding Damage Cleanup services.

Rapid Disaster Response

The longer you wait after your flood and water damage emergency, the more water damage occurs and the more expensive and involved the water damage repair and mold cleanup process will be. House water damage occurs quickly and affects your ceilings, walls and floors as there is carpet water damage and drywall water damage. In Shreveport homes that have basements, water leaks from floods cause extensive problems and a need for water damage restoration and repair services that will get all the water extracted and cleaned out after the flood. The dampness, moisture and humidity caused by the flooding and resulting water damage, will endanger the fundamental stability of your home, aggravating the rotting and decay of the substructure. There may be foundation damage and chances are high for water damaged floors, ceilings and walls. Our specialists are well trained in water damage restoration involving water removal, water extraction, as well as water drying and water dehumidification in flooded areas.

Shreveport Louisiana Water Damage Restoration Company

When you are faced with unexpected water damage due to a leaky roof, seepage in your crawl space or basement, overflowing toilet, burst water heater or broken pipes, you need Dalworth Restoration, a reputable and professional water extraction and restoration service company , to estimate and assess the extent of the flood and water damage and immediately begin water extraction, water removal and water damage restoration process in the Shreveport area. In a flood and water damage emergency, time is not on your side. The longer you wait, the more extensive and pervasive the water damage will be and the more water damage restoration, clean up and mold removal must take place. When flood and water damages occur in Shreveport, call Dalworth Restoration to quickly contain the damage, begin water extraction, and restoration services.

Common Reasons for Water Damage in Shreveport, Louisiana

There are many different causes for water damage in Shreveport, Louisiana. These are a few of the most common possible reasons for water damage:

  • Flooding due to rainstorms and hurricanes
  • leaky roofs
  • burst water heater
  • overflowing dishwasher
  • washing machine drain overflow
  • blocked kitchen drains
  • toilet overflow
  • frozen, burst, and leaky pipes
  • basement or crawl space seepage
  • sewage backup

Shreveport Louisiana Water Damage Restoration Services

Dalworth Restoration has been in the water damage restoration business since 1976 and is authorized and approved by all major insurance companies to appraise and recover property damages caused by flood damage, water damage, and mold damage. Dalworth Restoration's water damage restoration expertise in Shreveport includes all aspects of water damage inspection, extraction services, clean up, damage repair, restoration, mold detection, mold removal, mold cleanup and mold remediation due to floods and water damage emergencies. All water damaged walls, ceilings, hardwood and carpeted floors, basements, crawl spaces, and cabinets will be professionally repaired. Furniture and personal belongings, such as art, clothing, books, electronics, documents and others will be salvaged and restored, when possible.

How to Minimize Water Damage

Hhere are some things you can do to minimize further water damage to furniture and personal items until professionals can respond to your property emergency.

  • Turn off circuit breakers that power flooded areas
  • Unplug electrical devices and small appliances
  • If a camera is handy, take pictures of the water damage
  • Move all photos, paintings, and art objects to a safe, dry location
  • Wipe excess water from wood furniture after removal of lamps and tabletop items
  • Remove and prop up wet upholstery and cushions
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting
  • Remove rugs from wet floors
  • Gather loose items from the floor
  • If you have respiratory problems, make plans to leave the house once Dalworth Restoration arrives

The following are things you should not do while waiting for a restoration crew to arrive.

  • Don’t enter any area with standing water
  • Don’t vacuum anything
  • Don’t walk on wet surfaces if possible
  • Don’t try to dry carpeted floors
  • Don’t turn on A/C or heating since it could spread contamination
  • Don’t go on the roof or cut any dry wall
  • Don’t leave wet fabrics in place; hang furs and leather goods
  • Don't leave books, magazines or other colored items on wet carpet or floors
  • Don't turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet; keep out of rooms where ceilings are sagging

How Dalworth Responds to Flood Damage in 12 Steps

Step 1 – Arrive at water damaged property

Dalworth's Shreveport Louisiana water damage restoration technicians will arrive as soon as possible to your Shreveport property or business. The trained water damage repair technicians will quickly assess the situation and explain the steps for the water damage restoration at hand, depending on the degree of water damage at your property. If you are satisfied with the information provided, our water damage restoration technicians can begin working on the restoration of your property.

Step 2 – Stop further water damage

Our Shreveport water damage clean up technician will make sure that your water damage is contained and will do everything possible to prevent further water damage from occurring.

Step 3 – Organize contents after water damage occurred

Our Shreveport Louisiana water damage restoration technicians will move furniture and remove belongings from the wet floor to get ready for water extraction and water clean up. If there is a need, some of the damaged contents will be moved to our specialized facility for professional content restoration and cleaning.

Step 4 – Perform Water extraction

Our Shreveport Louisiana water damage restoration technicians will go through the water removal process. We will remove water from floors, basements, crawl spaces, cabinets and other surfaces using the best sump pump and wet/dry vacuum systems available.

Step 5 – Perform evaporation and water dehumidification

After all the easily removable water is cleaned up, we will use fans, air movers and water dehumidifiers to evaporate water absorbed in floors, walls, ceilings and carpets. As water evaporates into the air, our commercial dehumidifiers will remove moisture from the air. This process requires special training and expertise. If not done correctly, you property will incur secondary damage.

Step 6 – Document water damage

Our Shreveport water damage experts are trained to professionally document your water damage loss. This information will be later used to document the progress of drying your water damaged property and will be submitted to your insurance company.

Step 7 – Clean air with professional air scrubbers

Depending on your water damage situation, we may use professional air scrubbers to clean the air from contamination.

Step 8 – Provide detailed instructions

Depending on the nature your water damage, our clean up specialists will provide you with detailed instructions. We will also set up a water damage monitoring appointment for our next visit.

Step 9 – Monitor appointments

Water damage technicians will be coming to your property on a regular basis until all your water damage is completely repaired. They will adjust the number of dehumidifiers, fans and air scrubbers as your house drying progress continues. On each visit they will record the state of your water damage drying process.

Step 10 – Perform water damage restoration and repair

After your Shreveport property is completely dry, Dalworth Restoration will handle the complete reconstruction of your Shreveport property. Dalworth Restoration is a full service construction company. As such, we can provide a full line of construction services such as new floor installation, painting, plumbing installation, water heater installation, kitchen remodeling, roof installation and repair. Many of our customers ask us to do remodeling at the same time as we do rebuilding so that their home looks better then it looked before water damage loss.

Step 11 – Deliver cleaned content from our facility to your property

After your Shreveport, Louisiana property is completely dry, we will deliver cleaned and restored content from our cleaning facility.

Step 12 File insurance paperwork and perform direct insurance billing

Dalworth Restoration will bill your insurance directly so you don’t have to worry about dealing with all the paperwork yourself. Call Dalworth Restoration 24/7 for Shreveport, Louisiana emergencies due to flood and water damage. We are experienced in fixing Shreveport Louisiana water damage restoration, burst and leaky pipes, flooded toilets and burst water heaters. We handle all aspects of water damage removal, water damage extraction, water damage clean up, water damage repair, flood damage clean up. * On site inspections and estimates are always free.