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Disaster Response: What to Do? Who to Call?

Disaster Response: What to Do, Who to Call

High winds toppled a century-old oak tree in your front yard into your living room. Or an electrical fire resulted from improperly insulated wires in your ‘60s-era home. Or a hot water heater burst and flooded downstairs.

The questions facing you are:

What Do I Do?

Who Do I Call?

  1. Make sure you and your family, as well as pets (they are family, too!) are completely safe.
  2. Your first call should be to your insurance agent. Describe what happened and start writing down details – and no detail is too insignificant. If you can recall the cause or at least potential causes, be sure to mention everything that could possibly be important. Make note of anything that looks out of place.
  3. If there is fire damage, contact the fire department. Allow them complete access so they can evaluate the structure.
  4. Be sure to take photos or even shoot video. Your smartphone has all the capabilities that you need. To prevent losing those photos and videos, text or email them to yourself or save them in Dropbox or similar storage and transfer system.

Call the professionals at Dalworth Restoration. Dalworth has been the trusted name in Dallas-Fort Worth since 1976.  Call us 24/7 for Emergency Services: 817-203-2944. We’ll advise you whether this is a do-it-yourself recovery or if it requires professional attention.