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Frisco, TX Water Damage Restoration | Dalworth Restoration

Dalworth Restoration has been called to begin a Frisco water damage restoration project. Apparently, the rain over the weekend caused leaks for unprepared homeowners. This particular Frisco water damage restoration and repair work was due to the roof having a couple of loose shingles that let some rain into the two-story residence.

An upstairs bedroom and closet were affected. However, because the homeowners were proactive and took quick action, there was little reconstruction that needed to be done. In fact, the sheet rock in the upstairs bedroom and closet did not need to be replaced, so they were dried thoroughly instead, using heaters, fans, and dehumidifiers. Although some light streaks were observed on the walls, there was no obvious discoloration so the water damage repair strategy involved drying and repainting rather than tearing down and rebuilding again. Moreover, no swelling or warping of the wood floor took place, so damage was minimal.

Dalworth Restoration professionals checked the roof and repaired the loose shingles. Our Frisco water damage restoration team went over the house to make sure no further water damage took place. The affected areas were dried completely and repainted so the wall colors matched well. Visually, the repairs made the bedroom and closet look fresh and bright.

This particular Frisco water damage restoration project was not a major rebuild or a severe damage repair job because the homeowners called right after the leak was discovered and did not wait for further water damage and mold damage to develop. Had they awaited and not attended to the leak, water damages would likely be more serious.