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Job Completion Survey - Restoration

  • Reviewed By: Pegasus realty management
  • Location: Irving,TX75060
  • Who was the technician that serviced your property? unknown
  • How was your experience with the first phone call to the company?
  • How would you rate the appearance of our service technician?
  • How would you rate the competence of our service technician?
  • How was the cleanup process?
  • How would you rate your overall experience with Dalworth Restoration?
  • Comment: Overall, the job went well, since this was a rental, the tenant handled most of the onsite work crews. There was a bit of some communication snafus between departments when someone was telling me the job was completed and then I would get a phone call from someone else telling me there was still more to be done. Another thing that was a bit annoying on this job was the "last minute" calls I got towards the end of the job from dispatch "...our guys are in the area and will be there in 30 mins..." This is not acceptable...we worked it out, but usually Dalworth is more conscious about scheduling in advance. Thank you all for the efforts in getting this completed.
  • Overall Rating
  • Evan Islam replied to this review
    Replied on: May 31st, 2018 12:05:03pm
    Thank you for the kind review. We will work harder to solve some of the communication issues.