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Hazardous Waste Training

Hazardous Waste Training - HAZWOPER | Dalworth Restoration

Hazardous Waste Training Class at Dalworth Restoration Dallas Fort Worth Facility. Courses are held at the Dalworth training facility on many subjects, including hazardous waste removal.

Dalworth Restoration hosted a hazardous waste training class in its Dallas Fort Worth facility on August 2nd-5th. There were a total of forty managers, supervisors, and technicians in attendance, including several Dalworth fire and water damage restoration employees. The class covered safety requirements that must be met in order for a company to assume hazardous waste cleanup responsibilities.

Such hazardous waste training classes are usually required by federal, state or local government entities, such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health administration) or EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Private businesses must adhere to standard Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, or HAZWOPER, in order to undertake toxic waste cleanups. These companies are obligated to meet certain health and safety conditions, such as taking annual hazardous waste training classes and ongoing refresher courses, to be qualified to undertake HAZWOPER cleanups in both the private and public sectors.

Flood Cleanup and Repair in Plano, Texas

Flood Cleanup in Plano, Texas | Dalworth Restoration

Dalworth Restoration successfully completed a flood cleanup job in Plano, Texas and restored yet another water damaged property. This family owned company has a long tradition of thoroughness and attention to detail providing water damage restoration to residents of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. Dalworth Restoration repaired water damages from a flooded washing machine. The unfortunate event took place during a birthday party, where some of the attendees took notice of water droplets hanging from the ceiling. It did not take long from that initial observation until the ceiling caved in and collapsed, topping the birthday cake with sheetrock debris and toilet water – not exactly the type of gift the birthday girl expected that day.

Flood Cleanup

Dalworth Restoration responded within thirty minutes of receiving the call on the 24/7 emergency response dispatch system. Dalworth’s technicians surveyed the water damage caused by the broken washing machine before determining the course of action. Within three hours of arriving at the scene, the standing water was extracted and the drying equipment, including fans and heavy-duty dehumidifiers, were installed to complete the drying process that took another five days. Dalworth’s technicians monitored the progress of moisture extraction daily until the property was ready for the restoration and repair procedure, which included wall and ceiling reconstruction. The residents were pleased with the results and were ready for their lives to return to normalcy.

Water Damage Restoration Company

Removing all the water and drying the property thoroughly is essential to any successful restoration project in order to prevent mold growth. Dalworth uses the most innovative equipment to maximize water extraction, drying and clean up results following water damages. Their expertise in the fire and water restoration industry is due to many years of perfecting flood, fire, smoke and mold clean up and restoration procedures in residential, commercial and industrial facilities.