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The NO "Fun" Fungi!  Mold vs Mildew.

 lady cleaning mold or mildew


Why Don't You Like Me?!  I'm A Fungi (Fun-Guy)!!

Yeah, we've all heard the jokes.  However, no one is laughing when they find mold or mildew in their house.  In fact, it's one of the things that most people dread.  And the reaction when someone does find mold looks something similar to this:

woman reacting to mold


Can You "Spot" The Difference Between Mold And Mildew? 

If you can't, that's okay, most people aren't able to.  Don't worry, we'll break it down for you, so that the next time you come across it, you'll be able to tell what exactly it is, what caused it, and how to treat it.


Mildew can be described as a type of mold.  It typically has a flat growth and remains on the surface, making it easier to clean.  It is often grey, yellow, or white in color and tends to have a powdery or fluffy appearance.  Mildew tends to pop up on damp materials such as paper, leather, fabrics, walls and other wet surfaces. As a result of this, mildew is most commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. However, it's fluffy appearance isn't necessarily it's true giveaway, one can usually smell the musty odor the mildew radiates before they see it, indicating an infestation is nearby.  And if inhaled, mildew spores can cause an allergic reaction and occasionally respiratory problems or asthma attacks.


Mold typically grows in the form of green or black patches and can appear fuzzy or velvety, but some may also appear slimy or spongey.  Where you'll find mold will most likely be on food or places such as walls, crawl spaces, carpets, and mattresses.  Certain types of mold, such as "black mold", found around leaky pipes or inside air conditioning ducts, can be quite toxic to your health.  Some of the side effects you'll possibly see from this type of mold are respiratory and heart problems, extreme fatigue, and migraines.  "Black mold" can be particularly dangerous for younger children and those with a weak immune system.  If you believe you have a black mold infestation in your home, call a mold removal service immediately to properly clean the infected area.

I'm Over The Fun.  How Do I Get Rid Of It?!

man looking at lots of mold

First of all, if you are not sure which type of fungi you are dealing with, you should get it tested.  There are kits you can purchase to test the affected areas or you can do a quick test on your own: drip a few drops of bleach on the area and if the color lightens, you're looking at mildew, where if it darkens, it is mold.  However, if you have considerable mold growth and you are not sure how to handle it, call an environmental testing company to come and test it for you.  Once tested, they will give you a protocol outlining how the remediation of the mold is to be handled.  The protocol is what you would give to the mold remediation company of your choice.

If it is just mildew that you're looking at, bleach and water are the go-to solution to use to remove it from whichever surface it is on; just be sure to wear rubber gloves and have good ventilation.  On the other hand, if it is mold you see, due to the negative impact on your health that it can have, it is best to call a professional to rid your house of mold for good.  This way you can ensure that the mold will be gone and you will be living in a safer and healthier environment.

No Fungi's Allowed!

 guy checking air duct for mold

Prevention, prevention, prevention!  The best way to never see mildew or mold in your home again is to make sure it never enters your home.  If you keep all areas of your home dry and free from moisture, you will be living fungi free.  Try and maintain a humidity level between 40 and 50% (a dehumidifier can help with this), regularly inspect your heating and cooling systems, keep your air ducts clean, keep good circulation inside your home (keep doors to rooms open), and fix any leaks immediately.


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