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Water Damage Arlington Flood Removal and Restoration Project

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Water Damage Arlington Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Project in Arlington, TX by Dalworth Restoration

A water damage Arlington job was successfully completed this week by one of Dalworth Restoration’s crews. When the homeowners called to report their flood situation and request help, the damage was described as a burst water heater that flooded part of the home. However, when Dalworth technicians arrived at the scene and inspected the severity of the situation, they discovered that the water heater was corroded and was apparently slowly leaking for a while prior to the accident. Closer inspection showed significant rust on the bottom and side of the water heater that wore the tank thin over time. In addition, there was mold in the area surrounding the leak. The homeowners were an elderly couple and did not perform regular maintenance inspections to prevent this type of water and mold damage. As a result, this particular water damage Arlington project was more involved than originally anticipated.

In addition to the water damage that occurred over time by the constant water leak, there was further, more immediate, water damage in terms of the water heater flooding that soaked many items and threatened to ruin the carpet as well. Thankfully, the homeowners alerted Dalworth within minutes of the accident, so this water damage Arlington flood restoration fared well. In fact, as soon as technicians arrived at the scene, they set up pumps to extract floodwater out of the home. They dried the premises and performed thorough mold remediation. Due to the mold damage and the need to replace and rebuild part of the original structure, the homeowners used the opportunity to request some upgrades and remodeling, which were performed as requested.

Content restoration was performed within a week of the accident and all items were salvaged and returned safely to their owners. This water damage Arlington restoration effort turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it looked better than the original pre-loss structure due to the remodeling that gave the house a newer and more updated look. The homeowners were delighted to see their home looking nicer than it did prior to the water damage.