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Testimonial from Christina S. in Dallas, TX

"We had a problem with standing water in the crawl space of our Dallas, TX home and as a result, our floors were cupping. They went in and dried out our crawl space and then put in a whole "system" under the house that prevents water and moisture from getting into the crawl space. All while having the crawl space stay at the proper humidity levels.  

It was awesome. Everyone was professional, punctual and within budget. Our floors have flattened out, and when it pours down rain, I no longer worry about the house (or underneath it). The crawl space has even become a "short" basement where I store things. It is a wonderful feeling. I know it is expensive, but so is replacing all of your floors. I really enjoyed working with them, and they are on-call for me whenever there is an issue. Thank you, Dalworth!"