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Testimonial from Jacklyn C. in Mansfield, TX

"Our water heater flooded while we were at work and by the time we got home, we had a mess on our hands.

It was an unexpected and unpleasant thing to come home to. Our carpet and furniture were soaked, especially in the living room and formal dining, where we had the greatest water damage. Since the water heater was in our attic, we had water damage to our ceiling as well. It was discolored and sagging and my husband was worried about possible damage to our light fixtures and the wiring. We called our homeowners' insurance company and they referred us to Dalworth Restoration. We have been living in Dallas for more than 20 years and saw their restoration trucks numerous times around the Dallas metroplex, but when we had a water damage emergency, we did not connect the information.

Dalworth Restoration arrived very quickly, in less than 60 minutes and began working immediately. They were very professional and we felt comfortable with them knowing what they were doing. They explained the water clean up process and were very nice and polite. I guess they see this type of flood emergency daily and so are very sensitive to people being quite distraught. My husband and I were amazed at how fast and efficient they were. They had everything under control and were working well as a team. The clean up was thorough and our possessions were handled carefully. I can recommend your company highly to anyone dealing with flood emergencies. You did a great job for us and restored our house beautifully."