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Roof Leaks and Structural Damage in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

The Expert Water Damage Specialists at Dalworth Restoraion know roofing materials are vulnerable to water damage. Property owners must be vigilant about signs of water damage that threaten the structural integrity of your home or business. The water damage from the leaky roof of a residential or commerical property can cause damage to the roof and supporting infrastructure, as well as the property’s framework.

Roof Leaks and Structural Damage in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

Signs of Water Damage

Dalworth Restoration recommends that you look for signs of water damage as it may begin with a leaky roof, but water leaks can quickly translate to other property damage.

  • Attic: Roof Water Leaks can cause structural damage and rot attic rafters that support the load of the roof, compromising structural stability. 
  • Insulation: Wet Insulation in attics and behind walls causes rusting of steel screws,
  • Ceilings: Ceilings show signs of water damage with dark spots or leaky areas.
  • Joists and Studs: Support Ceilings and Walls in the home are made of wood and rot in the presence of constant moisture
  • Drywall: Interior Walls and Ceilings are made with drywall and when exposed to water, they swell, discolor and mold.
  • Floors: Water Leaks can accumulate under carpet and damage carpeting and the floors underneath. 

Structural Water Damage

Structural Water Damage

At the first signs of water leaks or waer damage, contact Dalworth Restoration. Our IICRC Clean Trust Certified Technicians will perform a water damage inspection of your  home or business in our Dallas/Fort Worth Service Area for signs of these types of water damage:

Roof Leaks & Property Water Damage

Structural Water Damage

Water damage from the roof to the foundation of any size results in gradual shifting of the structure's support, causing visible cracks that create structual deterioration.

  • Compromised Energy Efficiency: Leaky roofs cause wet insulation and make insulation an ineffective energy saving resource. Proper insulation conserves energy and keeps the home warm in winter and cool in summer. Cooling and heating costs will be significantly higher in a home with wet and inefficient insulation.
  • Contents Water Damage: Water leaks and flooding can damage contents as well structure. Furniture and other household possessions get soiled and damaged by moisture and lose their value and functionality with long term water exposure. Rusting, rotting and discoloration of content are common results of water damage, as is mold.
  • Mold Damage: Mold follows water damage within 24-48 hours of exposure. The spores need food and moisture to grow and can feed on numerous materials present in the home. In the process, they break down and destroy whatever they grow on. Mold, following water damage, is responsible for structural damage and poor air quality with increased allergens. Exposure to mold may cause severe allergic reactions and respiratory distress in susceptible individuals.

Roof Inspection  

Dalworth Restoration's professional technicians will perform a  Inspection to check for water damage. Our technicians will check for loose or broken shingles and check flashing to ensure it is properly sealed. We recommend you always inspect your roof after severe rain and hail storms to make sure it has not sustained damage.

A professional roof inspection is always best since some roof leaks and water damage are not visible. Call us today at 817-203-2944. Dalworth Restoration's technicians are certified in water damage restoration and use the latest techniques and equipment, including thermal imaging technology, to detect water leaks, water damage, condensation and mold that should be dried, repaired and restored. Contact us today for a water damage restoration inspection and estimate.

Professional Customer Service

Contact Dalworth Restoration now. We will handle your water damage clean up and repairs promptly and professionally to your satisfaction.

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