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Toilet Overflow Cleanup Case Study in Frisco, TX

Dalworth Restoration crew members remove water damaged hardwood flooring from home in Frisco, TX. Dalworth Restoration technician removes flooring damaged by toilet overflow at a home in Frisco, Tx. Preparing hardwood floor for quick and easy removal. A portion of the ceiling removed due to water damage from an upstairs toilet overflow.

Customer: D. Bashrum

Event: Water Damage Cleanup

Services Provided: Water Extraction and Structure Drying

Dalworth Restoration conducted a water damage restoration project in Frisco, Texas. Only two days prior to the project, on the morning of February 26, Donna Bashrum and her husband woke up to find water filling their home's entry way. After slipping in the water on her way to get coffee, Donna found that the toilet on the second level of their home had overflowed and leaked to other parts of the home. Right away they contacted their carpet cleaner, who immediately procured Dalworth Restoration to go to the Frisco home to clean up the water damage.

To much of the family’s surprise, the toilet overflow had leaked from the bathroom, filling the upstairs hallway, and even reaching the first floor, damaging other areas, fixtures, and items in the home. The water damage affected the following areas: the first floor entry way and hall; the kitchen; dining room; drywall; sheet rock; and living room; as well as the wallpaper, dining room table, and piano. Dalworth Restoration promptly began extracting the water before removing: the affected ceilings; crown molding; baseboards; trim, carpet; carpet pad; and even engineered wood. After removing the proper architecture, Dalworth continued the restoration by completely drying every damaged structure, then removed the flooring, cleaning 100 percent of the affected areas. The drying process continued with dehumidifiers and air movers.

With the help of Dalworth Restoration, Mrs. Bashrum said that she had faith and positivity that her home would be restored to its pre-flood condition.